Sacrifice: First Live-Action Trailer

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A live-action trailer for Sacrifice (US-[in production];  dir. Bob Nelson) — the long-running monster film project from Brick Cave Media — has just been released. No monster is visible as yet, but some environmental FX and explosions are in evidence.

Trailer Synopsis:

Young Anthropologist, Atzi, and her boyfriend Kyle stumble on an ancient and terrible secret buried in the desert. Ancient History and Magic meet Science and Technology as the couple, teamed up with a group of soldiers, try to save the world from imminent destruction. (Official website)

Director Nelson acknowledged that the trailer is a rough cut, with obvious glitches in colouring/tinting, some of the FX etc. It was done to meet a promised preview deadline, though in fact the post-production side of the film’s history has only just begun. Such rough technical aspects will be “cleaned up” as time passes, but in the meantime the preview gives us some idea of what we can expect and serves to “keep the ball rolling”. Keep at it, guys!

Film Synopsis:

Sacrifice is the story of choices. Woven into the story are the impact of the choices we make, be they 500 years ago or today. the story follows the discovery of a potential weapon of mass destruction in southern Arizona, and the pursuit of answers by a young couple and the military. What they find is a threat that is (literally and figuratively) larger than all of them as they set loose a giant monster, which subsequently seeks to destroy civilization as we know it.

You can read all about the unusual funding method being adopted by producers Bob Nelson, Kent Markwart, Michael Robinson and Brent Heffron — and even contribute by buying the script chapter by chapter — from Brick Cave Media’s website.


More information on the film can be found on Undead Backbrain, and an interview with cast members.

Thanks once again to Avery for drawing the trailer to my attention.

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    Intersting, very interesting.

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