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I can’t say that I’m able to provide more information about Demekingu [aka Demeking; Space Monster Demeking] (Japan-2009; dir. Kôtarô Terauchi) than was in the previous Backbrain article, but Kaiju Search-Robot Avery has been busy collecting images related to it: film books, manga, posters and shots from the film, such as this one of the main protagonist Hachiya (Takeshi Nadagi) on his motorbike.


None of the pictures are of the monster, unfortunately, though the image of a life-size “map” of the monster’s footprint apparently plays a crucial role in the plot:


There is also a shot of Kameoka (Kohei Kiyasu) and the gang of boys that are at the center of events:


And images of various books and other paraphenalia that relate to the film:




Below is a picture of the director, Kôtarô Terauchi (on left), with star Takeshi Nadagi, who is apparently a well-known comedian in Japan:


And here’s the pop group Pe’zmoku that plays a prominent part on the soundtrack and associated music videos:


You’ll find more images in the Gallery at the end of this article.

Meanwhile for tonight I’ll leave you with the intriguing news that there was a previous film version of Demeking – Chikan densha: Benten no oshiri, made in 1998 and directed by Shinji Imaoka. This one seems to be considered a less accurate version of Takashi Imashiro’s popular 1991 manga. From the meagre imagery available, the monsters are somewhat different from each other:

2009 Version (as it appears on a tee-shirt):


1998 Version (as seen on the Japanese DVD cover) and in a [very small] still that Avery found a site named coyote note:



And here’s the director, Shinji Imaoka:


Though Google translations of various websites that talk about it make little sense, one thing that seems to come through is that this version of the film is considered an “adult” film, with explicit sexual content ( a “pink” film) — how explicit, I have no idea. Specifically it seems that the major character, who dreams of the apocalyptic visitation by the monster Demeking, is in a mental institution, having been the victim of sexual harassment. I can’t decipher much more than that from the various websites where the film is discussed — specifically this one — due to the incomprehensible garble produced by the translation software. If any reader of Undead Backbrain can accurately translate this page and the synopsis that appears here, please do so and send it along. I’ll make sure you are rewarded.


  • Source: Kaiju Search-Robot Avery from a multitude of obscure places
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4 Responses to Demeking Additions

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  2. Evan Brehany says:

    Very cool. Nice to see some news stills.

  3. Avery says:

    The prospect of another version, adult or not, is very exciting!! I’m very much looking forward to seeing both versions!!

  4. G2KM says:

    Well, I tried deciphering the Japanese text, and here is what I got that wasn’t praise for the film:

    “In the advent of a vehicular accident, young Daikoku forsees that at the end of the century, the monster Demekingu will appear. To countterattack the monster is an organization of Seven Lucky Gods.”

    That is based on two diffrent translations of the paragraph from the second link. No award neccesary, especialy since my translation is in all truth poor most probrably.

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