Weekend Fright Flick: Robots Rampant

We haven’t had a Weekend Fright Flick lately, but the first of 2010 is a beaut. The main feature is Hanger No. 5 (US-2008; short [11:10 min]; dir. Nathan Matsuda). It’s rather like a minor scifi action blockbuster. Philip Klein, who composed the score, recently won an Emmy Award for it.



This live-action short film finds two treasure-hunting teens sneaking into an abandoned military base looking for a rumored gold cache. Once inside, they accidentally activate a top secret relic of the Cold War — a huge mobile weapons system bent on protecting the base from all intruders. Cut off from every exit, the pair must fight to survive. (Quiet Earth)

But before we get to that bit of mechanical mayhem, we have a support film in the form of a little piece called Recovered (UK-2009; short [3:23 min]; dir. Joe Efstathiou and Alfredo Antonio Cozz). Consider it as Cloverfield‘s small, mechanised sibling, if you will. The film has acquired a slew of festival awards and shortlistings (which you can check out at its YouTube location). Like Cloverfield, not much story but lots of great imagery and an “I-was-there” sensibility.

Main Feature: Hanger No. 5

Hangar No. 5 from Nathan Matsuda on Vimeo.

To watch it larger and in HD, go here.

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