Chihuanhas: Tiny Toothy Terrors

Back in August last year Undead Backbrain introduced you to the unique blend of Chihuahua and Piranha that is Chihuanhas (US-2010; dir. Jim L. Clark).


Somehow that ridiculous idea rang a very loud bell with monster film fans across the Web, and now we’re all hanging out for the final result.

Meanwhile, here are three synopses and a pack of conceptual drawings, just to drive home the fact that we are not dealing with Piranha 3D — or even Megapiranha! As unique as the latter may prove to be, this one is something even more outré — if much much smaller!


Synopsis One:

A school/pack of vicious, cross-bred Chihuahua and Piranha are unleashed upon a pristine Mountain Lake and quickly consume summer campers before a team of misfits, led by the lake’s ranger, evade and destroy the evil little critters. (IMDb)



Synopsis Two (main official one):

When a curio-collecting Professor returns from South America with a mysterious Piranha idol, it casts an ominous curse on his innocent Chihuahua “Lulu Bell”, and impregnates her with a litter of amphibious, mutant Chihuahua-Piranhas. Realizing his grave mistake, the Professor disposes of the idol and pups in a nearby mountain lake, but Lulu’s monstrous spawn soon return to repay the gesture…


Following the Professor’s demise, the ravenous critters seek out a pair of fatty-campers, their obsessive guide, a reclusive WWII veteran and a trio of vacationing porn stars. Led by the lake’s ranger and her inept assistant, the eccentric team unites to survive and destroy the vicious rat-pack with available firepower, their bare hands and the most lethal of all processed cheese products! (Official website)


Synopsis Three:

A South American Piranha curse impregnates a sweet chihuahua named Lulu and her evil pups are unleashed on a nearby mountain lake. A brassy female ranger and her clumsy assistant take action to rescue endangered campers, but not without sacrificing lives and limbs to the monstrous pack of CHIHUANHAS! (HiveFX)



Check out more conceptual artwork (including an animated Chihuanha test) in an earlier Undead Backbrain article.

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  1. Avery says:

    Man I can’t wait to see this one! It’s gonna rock!

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