Fancy a Monster Cruise?

No, not a Pacific islands vacation on a huge cruise ship stacked to the gills with celebrities.

Instead it’s a new film from long-time genre director Jim Wynorski, whom we last saw on these pages with his now nearing-release giant monster mash-up, Dinocroc vs Supergator (US-2010; dir. Jim Wynorski). Wynorski’s Monster Cruise is described as “a fun filled romp” that tells the story “of a boy, a boat and a sea monster”.

Filmed in Franklin, Indiana (summer home of the director) on the “absolutely gorgeous” Lake Monroe, Monster Cruise stars Kayla Gill, Erin Neufer, Paul Wallace, Shay Dickerhoff, Gerard Pauwels, Stacey Dixon, Ervin Ross, Jim O’Rear, Hal Fryar, Jim Hardin, Vicky Richmond, Bill Cothron, Tammy Logsdon, Jason Smither, David DeSpain, Dennis Crosswhite and Rick Shedd.

And this guy:


The design of the monster, which was originally called Ogopogo, is reportedly inspired by the titular character from Wynorski’s favourite giant monster film, The Giant Behemoth (UK/USA-1959; dir. Douglas Hickox and Eugène Lourié):


So far, there’s not much information about the film beyond the above, though the involvement of Hal Fryar, who played in the Three Stooges movie The Outlaws Is Coming (1965) and also appeared in The Three Stooges Show during the 60s, may be indicative of the fact that it appears to have a comedic side to it. Below is Hal as he appears in Monster Cruise:


Some Images:

Below: Kyla Gill


Below: Erin Neufer


Below: Stacey Dixon


Below: Shay Dickerhoff, Erin Neufer, Paul Wallace and Kyla Gill


Below: Director Jim Wynorski in contemplative mood


Below: There’s romance!


Below: There’s Gerard Pauwels goggling


Below: There’s a Short Guy (Jason Smither), a Fist Full of Dollars
and a Tough Guy (David DeSpain)


Below: There’s the Tough Guy Getting Tough


Below: There’s Jim O’Rear (left) and Ervin Ross, testing the waters


Below: There’s an Old Guy (Jim Hardin) with a Beard and an outside lavatory


And lots else besides. Check out more images from the film and some behind-the-scenes shots in the Gallery at the end of this article.

Then, if you want more, go to the film’s Facebook page.


Genre legend Jim Wynorski has just finished shooting a scene in Franklin which supposedly is set in Lapland.  Shay Baker and Erin Neufer were just driving across the frozen tundra, fearing that somehow they took a wrong turn on their way to Baltimore.Wynorski yells cut and the cast and crew scurry to find the nearest source of warmth.

Matt Borges, Art Director muttered, “I miss Lake Monroe,” the location where the crew shot for 2 weeks during Indian summer in September. (Press release)

Monster Cruise began three years ago, when Jim Wynorski came to Indiana on the invitaion of B Movie Celebration organizer Bill Dever. Wynorski took to the place immediately. “Franklin was so beautiful that I knew one day I would make a movie here,” he commented.

Years later Dever and his producing partner Joe Gaudin decided they wanted to “make a movie celebrating summer in Indiana”, and knowing of Wynorski’s interest, decided to suggest as much to the legendary director.

After locations shoots around Franklin and Lake Monroe beginning in September last year, Monster Cruise has wrapped. “The film turned out far better that we hoped” says Wynorski. “I think movie goers are going to come away from Monster Cruise laughing, smiling, and wanting to visit Franklin, Indiana.”


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  1. Avery says:

    Awesome I love lake monsters! Thanks Bill and Jim! Also thanks Rob for the great write-up. Looks like the film’s gonna be a lot off fun! We look forward to more from it! Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to see it.

  2. luvis says:

    This film is gonna be huge, I cant wait to watch this with a big bag of popcorn !

  3. luvis says:

    Evil Luvis wants to perform at the opening of the film – send your comments to

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