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Maybe you’ve seen this picture before:


It’s reportedly of a camel spider taken in the Middle East. OK, it’s big, though after this picture did the rounds of the internet some spoilsport pointed out how the arachnid is being held close to the camera so that it looks much bigger than it is against the soldiers standing further back. But despite the visual trickery, camel spiders, or solpugids as they are more properly called, are indeed rather large and scary-looking.

Even scarier would be the inevitable horror film version, as mutants, which is how they will appear in Extraction, a new in-development film directed by Tom Martwick. The story concerns a platoon of soldiers in Iraq “that become hosts to a new enemy. In an already unstable region, they must battle against a mutated species of camel spiders and prevent a sinister military cover-up that could backfire.”




IDX Studios has just produced of a teaser of Extraction. It was produced by Milko Davis and Russell Reed, with music and sound by Alvaro Morello.

We’re told that the solpugids get bigger than they appear in the trailer, but not Tarantula-sized! Pity.

Note that the producers are still looking for potential investors in order to complete the film. Contact IDX Studios if you’re interested.

  • There are a bunch of production pictures in the gallery below.
  • Source: Milko Davis of IDX Studios, Inc. via Avery Guerra. Article written up by Robert Hood.


Notes from the producer on the pictures: “The dead guy in the truck was made to fit in a burned out truck that we ran across in a junk yard. The prop was made out of toilet paper and latex. The tank was made out of cardboard for about $70 and painted for authenticity. The location of the film was in Colorado and all shots were filmed on farm land with mountains later removed digitally to create the Iraq desert look.

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  3. Johnson Smith says:

    Looks cool. Kind of like Arachnophobia meets Full Metal Jacket.

  4. analey says:

    is also looks great haha lol!!!

  5. Michael says:

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