Update On The Giant Monsters Attacking Hawaii

Undead Backbrain has obtained some images from Dane Neves, whose project Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii — featuring a group of monster puppets doing their best to stomp all over the Hawaiian islands — looks like it will be a total blast.


Let’s begin with a puppet-history of Neves himself:

Work has been progressing on the short film — and to prove it, watch this teaser. Oh, and don’t fret about the 3D glasses. If you don’t have any, don’t worry about it — just keep watching… you might be surprised.

[youtube Txou2GWiaGE]

Below are a few new conceptual drawings, this by Khang Lee:

Artwork by Khang Le

Abercrumble by Thomas Teraoke:

Abercrumble by Thomas Teraoke





Early Zillabong:


Production has concentrated on one of monsters in particular, this one, named Zillabong, who now looks like this:






Check out this brief video introducing Zillabong:

[youtube L1gmHf7JM-U]

Voice Recording:

Neves and his crew have been busy creating voices for the monsters as well. Recording tooke place at Sma’Kine Recording Studio, with Chris Ricketts as Cruehl, Grant Uchida as Zillabong, Dane Neves as Maulister and Jobe Allen as Abercrumble (here pictured together getting into the swing of things):

Chris Ricketts-Grant Uchida-Dane Neves-Jobe Allen

Grant Uchida as Zillabong:

Grant Uchida as Zillabong


Dane Neves channelling Maulister:

Dane Neves as Maulister

Neves with Jobe Allen (Abercrumble):

Dane Neves-Jobe Allen

Beklow is a brief behind-the-scenes video on the voice recording:

And finally, a production diary entry on the June 13 shoot on location at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki:

Stay tuned for more information as it comes to hand.

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