Monsters of the Bermuda Triangle

The internet is a remarkable place. It inspires such astounding work at times. For example, is a community of artists who meet online, share and critique their work and often produce pictures of a high quality without recompense beyond what they can learn from each other. One of the community’s weekly activities is “Creature of the Week”; apparently a concept is announced and those who wish to be involved create a creature accordingly. Often, by following a thread, you can watch the picture developing.

Creature of the Week #57: Secret of the Bermuda Triangle

This theme produced some fantastic giant monsters. Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

Bolman COW big

This one was painted by someone who goes by the moniker Supervlieg. His real name is Bolman.

Bermuda triangle 2

This one is by Simon Boxer.

Bermuda triangle 3

And this is by Chuck Wadley.

Great work, guys.

The “Secret of the Bermuda Triangle” thread is here. For those who like such things, there are many more monsters to enjoy, so go take a look around!

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13 Responses to Monsters of the Bermuda Triangle

  1. Avery says:

    WOW!! These guys are extremely talented!! They definitely have a future ahead of them in the business!! Imagine what great monster comic books and dvd covers they could create??

  2. Simon Boxer says:

    Hey Rob, wow! Thanks for the props. Much appreciated.

    I didn’t even realise my site had been linked to until just this week, as I’ve changed it to a WP template and am proceeding to update it… After 2+ years of solid employment I find myself needing a portfolio again 😉

    Best of luck with your endeavours, take it easy.

  3. lol says:

    what is happening to are world wat is this creature and hw has it involved ibn our livess whhyyy wjhhhyyyy whyy is it doin this whyyy!!! helpp meee

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  5. eddie says:

    nice picture but…. is it real that we have that size of monster in our world..

  6. solomon says:

    this is incredible man but my worry is do you provide real information? or its just the imaginations becouse i can’t image how the monster and the triangle are related . but all in all keep the spirit up coz u make us so biz and enough brain work.
    If it’s for real it’s my dream atleast to have an eye view

  7. sahnaz says:


  8. bROOKLYN says:


  9. danyal says:


  10. Inferor says:

    What you humans are experiencing is because only of these creatures. I know this because I am a being of a superior race than yours. My race gave you this planet Earth and created you and are still creating many planets like yours which can support life. I have decided to come forward as I am the leader of my race and speak for all of it. I want to tell you that we created you in our labs. You all were just a tiny little organism. But when we released you on the Earth, the first thing that attracted you was water and so you started to live in it and you slowly evolved as humans and other land creatures that today roam the Earth. Others which adapted themselves to the water became water creatures. We slowly watched as many new creatures emerged from the water. But many of them were very huge and wouldn’t have allowed you to survive on this Earth. That is why we reduced their population by at least sixty percent and genetically engineered them in such a way that they were confined to a very small part of your Earth which you now call as the Bermuda Triangle. These are still living there and are extremely dangerous. I advice you all to wait till we come to your planet and completely wipe out their species. The people of my race have decided to take this step because many of your kind are being killed by these creatures and their are still many who are finding new ways to wander into the Triangle and some of whom, will die as well. I give you advice that you humans are still not evolved enough to find a way to enter and explore the triangle. Also, you don’t possess technology advanced enough for these explorations. I will reveal you to me and my race when we will reach your planet. Again, I tell you that we come with glad tidings. Don’t try to stop us from entering your planet otherwise we will be left with no choice but to eliminate your whole civilizations as we have the means to perform such a task and also I would like to meet the person who will speak for your whole race. You will have enough time to decide who it will be. I wanted to send this message by signals but still that would have taken too long to reach you. That is why I had one one of my race on your Earth to write this message on behalf of me .Thank you for reading my message and hope that it will be spread to all of the Earth.

  11. tijan says:

    please believe in God the only creator who create this and kown man can tell what is inside.

  12. guru says:

    that is real they are the monster its be a danger to people who ever travelling across bermuda traingle

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