Guidolon gets Bigger!


Meet Waitron, the daikaiju waiter!

Waitron is Todd Tennant’s latest creation for Frank Wu’s Guidolon project and it is representative of the new phase that it has entered — the full-length feature film years.

“The Tragical Historie of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken” began its public life as a story in the form of a screenplay that appeared in an anthology I edited with Robin Pen: Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales (originally published by Agog! Press in 2005 and subsequently reprinted by Agog! Press and Prime Books in the US).

Frank Wu, the story’s author, went on to produce the story as a short film, with the help of assorted talented friends, including Todd. Here it is in all its 11-minute glory:

Frank used this short film as a “sample pitch” for a TV series, “Guidolon and Friends Half-Power Half-Hour”, but has now resolved to spend the next few years producing it as a feature film. You can find out all about Guidolon and his history here.

One of the other talented people Frank has worked with on the project is artist Suzanne Forbes, who has put a collection of her “Guidolon” working sketches up on Flickr.

Guidolon Trashes City

Guidolon 2

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  1. Avery says:

    Absolute genius!! I can’t wait for the full-length movie!! The short is already a lot of fun,just imagine what they will do with the feature-length version!!??

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