Crawler aka Killdozer Redux

Kaiju Search-Robot Avery asks: “Does this count as a kaiju?”

I’m a bit dubious myself. It might be 50 tons of terror, but is unnatural size really an issue?

What do y’all think?

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13 Responses to Crawler aka Killdozer Redux

  1. Avery says:

    This one and “Killdozer”[1974] do feel like kaiju.Isn’t anything that towers over a human giant??

  2. Backbrain says:

    Depends how it’s handled, I guess. An elephant is much bigger than a human, but is an elephant on a rampant a giant monster? The Oliphants in “Lord of the Rings” were, of course, and also the various movies/shows (“Primeval”) where a mammoth goes on a rampage through a modern city. But both those were unnaturally big (the first due to fantasy size and the second by virtue of being out of context). To me the bulldozers are unnatural because they are functioning independently of human operators, not because they’re big.

  3. chrisbarnes says:

    Well, it’s not unnaturally big, but it is unnatural (and monstrous). So it might well be kaiju, but I don’t think it’s daikaiju.

  4. Backbrain says:

    True, Chris. We keep forgetting about that distinction. Not all kaiju are giant monsters (daikaiju).

  5. Avery says:

    Ok,but what about like in “10,000b.c.”??Those mammoths,big-ass birds,and that massive sabretooth tiger were much bigger than humans and really felt giant??Even in the movies “Mammoth” or “Sabertooth” and “Attack Of The Sabretooth”they really looked huge??I know that was probably it’s regular size but they really seem giant when compared to humans.The films really made them out to be like kaijus.

  6. Backbrain says:

    But I’d argue that in “10,000 BC”, they were deliberately made bigger than they were in reality by the filmmakers in a deliberate attempt to make them monstrous. In the other movies you mentioned the prehistoric creatures were out of their place and so their size became an issue and one of the main determinants of their “monstrousness”.

    Of course I think Chris was right in his comment when he makes a distinction between the more generic “kaiju” (as in “unnatural beast”) and “daikaiju” (or “giant monster”). Not all kaiju are giant monsters.

  7. Sv Bell says:

    Except having a bulldozer as the main ‘bad guy’, Crawler has very little to do with Killdozer… I would love having the budget to do a Killdozer adaptation someday!! :o)

  8. Backbrain says:

    Crawler = “A group of construction workers fight for their lives as their 50 tons bulldozer appears to have a life of its own, and an insatiable hate for the living.” (

    Killdozer = “… a group of construction workers … disrupt an ancient native temple and uncover a strange meteorite sealed within its walls. When they attempt to move the massive rock with one of their bulldozers, the noncorporeal entity contained within it enters the machine itself, which later grinds to malevolent life and attacks the team members.” (

    I don’t know what “the ancient evil” that animates the Crawler is, but it’s going to be something along similar lines — some sort of incorporeal alien lifeform or spirit.

    If “Prom Night” (2008) can be considered a remake of “Prom Night” (1980), then “Crawler” looks suspiciously like an unacknowledged remake of “Killdozer” to me. (Or maybe it will be acknowledged… Theodore Sturgeon would be able to make a case, I’m sure.)

    Not that it matters…. It looks like it could be a fun movie.

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  11. Sv Bell says:

    We did make sure our film was totally different from Killdozer. Our dozer is made out of living tissues, covered with steel. It has tentacles. It lays eggs. It possesses people’s soul and transform the weak into zombie-like creatures. No desert island, and so on. :o)


  12. Backbrain says:

    “Our film”? Does this mean you were involved in it, SV?

    I admit from your description here it sounds quite different from “Killdozer”.

    Not that the similarity worries me that much. It sounds fascinating — and there are pseudo-zombies! I may have to add it to my Zombie film list as well!


    Actually I just went to the movie’s website as it appears attached to your name, SV, and I see that you are in fact the director. I hadn’t realised, as the IMDB entry for the film I assumed was this “Crawler” lists a different name under Director. But I take it that this is a quite different film:

    It must be, as the date is wrong, too. Okay, SV, I admit I was confused. Sorry. Perhaps we should do an article on your “Crawler” on the Backbrain.

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