Today I came across mention of a 1980 Czechoslavakian film, Brontosaurus (Czechoslavakia-1980; dir. Vera Plívová-Simková), which I’d never heard of. But while looking for information on it, I instead stumbled upon these clips from an earlier Czechoslavakian dinosaur flick called Cesta do pravěku [aka Journey to the Beginning of Time] (Czechoslavakia-1955; dir. Karel Zeman, Fred Ladd [US version]), for which some seem to have a nostalgic fondness.

IMDB describes the simplistic sounding, and rather static, plot thus:

Four young boys visit a dinosaur exhibit at the New York city Museum of Natural History. They then row out onto Central Park Lake where they find a secret cave and paddle into a wondrous prehistoric world filled with the very dinosaurs they had just seen.

A proto-Discovery Channel docu-drama perhaps? At any rate, the animation is rather nice.



The 1980 Brontosaurus film? Nothing as yet.

By the way, before someone comes on and starts complaining that there’s no such thing as a Brontosaurus, I know that the name has been replaced by “Apatosaurus” in scientific circles, but chose to ignore the fact as the good ol’ Thunder Lizard was known under the Bronto-moniker back when these films were made.

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2 Responses to Brontosaurus!

  1. Avery says:

    I rember seeing a trailer for ‘Journey To The Beginning Of Time’ on a video that I have somewhere??It’s either called “Fantastic Dinosaurs Of The Movies” or “Monster Mania”.Both of those I have and are video collections of classic trailers.

  2. Owozifa says:

    Wow, I actually have this movie. I had no clue it was Czech in origin. (Journey to the Beginning of Time that is).

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