Hidden Monsters

Talk about giant monster nerds! Cloverfield producer J.J. Abrams and/or director Matt Reeves are certainly in the terminal stages of Kaiju Obsessiveness. The DVD release of their US giant monster hit has revealed that the film is riddled with subliminal images of famous American giant monsters of the past. Look vewy vewy closely and you’ll see King Kong, the Rhedosaur from The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms and one of the giant ants from Them! — at least these. There are probably others as yet unrevealed.

Beast egg

It’s almost as though Rob’s digital camera (which was supposedly filming the events as they happened) had at one time had in its memory clips from the various old films, and some of them weren’t quite recorded over — just as the earlier shots of Rob and Beth managed to survive into the scenes of monster rampage.

Unlike those scenes, however, we’re talking single frames here, so it’s only by the use of DVD pause functions that you’ll see them clearly — though many claim to have noticed them in the theatrical print… and the credit sequences at the end did include the relevant acknowledgements as a nice clue to the more perceptive (or more obsessive) in the audience.

If you want to know about the abundant esoteria packed into Cloverfield this is a great place to look.

More of the hidden monsters can be found here.

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