Horror and Humour: Chew Chew Baby

Check out this cartoon from 1958. With its theme of a monstrous little cannibal loose in Cincinnati, it’s definitely a horror story… but who exactly was the audience? It looks like it’s for kids, but that would surely be the stuff of nightmares. Note the zombie-esque ending.

Chew Chew Baby (US-1958; dir. Izzy Sparder)

Video was removed from YouTube. Sorry.

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10 Responses to Horror and Humour: Chew Chew Baby

  1. Della says:


    I have been looking for this cartoon for years, I saw it as a child and never forgot it. I would like a copy but mostly I just want to see it again. Could you repost it?


  2. Backbrain says:

    Sorry, Della. I had it embedded from YouTube, but it looks as though they’ve been asked to remove it, which is why it doesn’t play any more. There must have been a copyright issue.

    It might mean that it is soon to appear on DVD…

  3. MrHanMi says:

    I’ve (temporarily) lifted the block on the cartoon. Try again.

  4. Backbrain says:

    That’s excellent. Thanks, Mr HanMi. I hope Della reads this as she was so keen to see it.

    I assume you’re the copyright owner?

  5. Backbrain says:

    Oh, right. My lips are sealed….

  6. JLott says:

    Oh how I wish this video was still available!! I have tried several times to tell my husband about seeing this as a kid and he looks at me like I’ve grown a 2nd head. He doesn’t remember it and I’ve never forgotten it. Please let me know if it is ever available again. Thanks

  7. Robert Hood says:

    There you go, JLott. I found another version…

  8. Robert Hood says:

    Sorry, no I didn’t. I’ll keep looking.

  9. Wayne Moises says:

    The classic animated shorts by Famous Studios released in 1958 about a cannibal named Chew Chew from Africa a man from Cincinnati
    lives with him as a treated ambassador then they eat human being on a rampage and struck by a car and call the paramedics and two injured people to blood transfer then suddenly on a rampage again and eat themselves and a story is incredible but horrifying just like a horror movie like Night of the Living Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre combined in one film this movie is suitable for mature audiences not for the squeamish and not rated 10 minutes less this film and animated cartoon created by the late I. Sparber the animator created the cartoon shorts in 1958 (55 years ago) all network stations and theaters was banned because of fear and anxiety of the cartoon stories
    remains a cult favorite/animated movies of all time as a collectors item .released by Dreamworks Media.Thanks for the information about your comments in your opinion.From:Wayne

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