Update: The Incredible Hulk

A gallery of shots from the upcoming Marvel monster film The Incredible Hulk (US-2008; dir. Louis Leterrier) has appeared online:

The Incredible Hulk 1

The Incredible Hulk 2

Source: YahooMovies vis Todd Tennant

Just as a matter of interest, here’s the Abomination from the Marvel comics:

Abomination comic version

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7 Responses to Update: The Incredible Hulk

  1. Terry Frost says:

    The new trailer is up at apple trailers, too. Looks great, with a bit of nuance, too. I do still like the Ang Lee Hulk, however.

  2. Mysterious Pants says:

    I still kinda wish that the Abomination (the dude in the second pic) was closer to his reptilian-like design from the comic book. His movie incarnation looks like something that would be more at home in a Resident Evil game…

  3. Backbrain says:

    I’m not actually familiar with the Abomination from the comics. But I can see a vague reptilian influence here. There is also a close relationship with the Hulk, though, which I’m suppose is going to be the point….

  4. Backbrain says:

    I just added a pic of the comic version of the Abomination to the original post. Interesting. More similar than I expected.

  5. Backbrain says:

    Incidently, given the similarity between the Hulk and the Abomination, do you think it’s his baldness compared to the Hulk’s nice haircut that makes the Abomination abominable?

  6. Terry Frost says:

    I think the comic book Abomination works in a comic format, but as a CG creation? Nuh. The somewhat more human one allows the movie makers to keep some of the nuances and facial expressions of Tim Roth in their creation, but the comic one wouldn’t. It’s a good choice to change Abomination to make it work in the new medium.

  7. Ezilla82 says:

    Don’t get me wrong I dig the Abomination in the comics, but the movie version is okay. I mean if its big, bad, and ugly as hell then that to me is the Abomination.

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