Accidental Artwork

Well, not the art itself. That clearly wasn’t an accident. But my finding it was.

Someone had sent this picture:

Tin Tin vs the Alien

Tin Tin vs the Alien! How cool is that?

Well, I wanted to know whose work it was so that I could blog it here in the proper manner (“proper” meaning to give credit where credit is due). My Googlish search led me to a place called Studio Space (though the site URL “hangedmanstudio” is a nice alternative). It’s a blogspot owned by Malcolm McClinton, an artist whose illustrative work graces book covers, magazines and assorted genre markets.

To my delight I found that I liked the rest of his work, too — and that he has painted some excellent giant monsters and zombies. I asked him if I could put a few up here and he said I could. So take a look (click on the images to see the full-size versions) and then go visit his Studio.

Giant Monsters

Rampaging Robot

Malcolm says he painted this Rampaging Robot as an exercise in perspective. It looks like a poster waiting for a film to promote!

Tentacles in Morocco

This is the cover art for a book called Secrets of Morocco, published by Chaosium. I think the book is an extension volume for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Anyway, it seems that Malcolm likes tentacles.

Organic Space ship

While, strictly speaking, not a giant monster, this Organic spaceship might as well be!

Dragon in Pellucidar



Zombie Love

This somewhat deliciously unnerving piece is an illustration for a story titled “Zombie Love Song”, published in Polluto magazine.

Pallid Light

And this is the cover artwork for a zombie novel titled Pallid Light (Elder Sign Press).

All artwork copyright ©  Malcolm McClinton.

Malcolm Clinton’s Studio Space website

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3 Responses to Accidental Artwork

  1. Chuck McKenzie says:

    Wow! The illustration for Zombie Love Song is one of the coolest zombie pics I’ve ever seen. Must see more…

  2. Backbrain says:

    You surprise me, Chuck. I never would’ve expected you to like that one… [irony]

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