Grand Guardian Tokyo

Here is the ultimate in modern apartment living — a building guaranteed to protect you from earthquakes, ‘copter attack, and the general mayhem of society. It’ll even make sure you get to work on time. Too bad about everyone else, of course. And one wonders what life would be like once Godzilla turned up?

From Nicovideo via Kaiju Search-Robot Avery

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5 Responses to Grand Guardian Tokyo

  1. seanwilliams says:

    “Worning” indeed! They should change the design of Brisbane’s new skyscraper immediately.

  2. Avery says:

    I need to take my next vacation soon so I can stay at one of these!! When is the ‘Big G’s’ next scheduled attacked supposed to be??

  3. Backbrain says:

    Well, he may be close. Without intending to be flip about an appalling disaster, I think Godzilla might have been visiting China lately. Some commentators have interpreted the kaiju as an earthquake metaphor, as Japan is on one of the world’s most unstable fault lines. In fact, I think one particularly famous Japanese earthquake is “explained” as an appearance of Godzilla in one of the movies — “Godzilla 1984” perhaps.

  4. Backbrain says:

    “Worning” = portmanteau word bringing together “morning” and “warning”. I like to get due warning of imminent helicopter attacks when I wake up in the morning…

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