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Author Steve Niles and artist Nat Jones let loose a comic a while back under the title Giant Monster. Fortunately for us, the title is completely accurate according to Truth-In-Advertising guidelines and you get what you might expect to get from the series.

Giant Monster cover

The good news is two-fold. Firstly, Boom! Studios has recently produced a trade version of the graphic novel. Not only that, in their generosity they have allowed CBR (Comic Book Resources) website to put the entire thing online! CBR are putting up one page per day and there are currently 90 pages available — in full colour and large-size. This is one to bookmark and to check out each morning before breakfast! For free!

If you want to know what it’s about — apart from the obvious — author Niles described it this way in a 2005 interview for CBR News:

“The story’s about a shuttle pilot, Colonel Don Maggert, who’s going on his first solo mission to the JFK International Space Station. When he left for his mission he was having a few marital problems, a few drinking problems, basically he’s having problems with his life in general. This flight is really a big turning point that allows him to get his life together and to get back out there. While he’s flying back, he’s attacked by a space parasite! It devours his body, he crashes into the ocean and our story begins.”

Below are a couple of pages — pages featuring giant monster “business” — to whet your appetite and encourage you to check it out. I’ll certainly be doing so… at least until I acquire a copy of Giant Monster‘s non-virtual book form. Click on the images to see them bigger (though not as big as on CBR).

Giant Monster page 26

Giant Monster page 40

Giant Monster pages 52 and 53

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  1. Allen says:

    Extremely cool. Thanks for posting the link.

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