New: Mermaid Island

Just a notice of something interesting in the pipeline, a blockbuster-style US/China co-production fantasy called Mermaid Island, that features a mortal and his mermaid lover. There’s no real information on the film yet, except that the director will be Jean-Christophe Comar (“Pitof”), who directed the very strange, über-stylised French detective fantasy Vidocq [aka Dark Portals: The Chronicles of Vidocq] (2001), Halle Berry’s 2004 Catwoman, and the upcoming Fire and Ice (TV) and Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles (2009), and was visual effects supervisor on Alien Resurrection (1997), among other things. After Catwoman, everyone is questioning his ability to pull off a fantasy blockbuster, but, it seems to me, he can at least create some interesting imagery — going on Vidocq anyway.

Fire and Ice

What is really interesting about Mermaid Island is the conceptual art that has been released, which features a couple of giant creatures amid the spectacle:

Mermaid Island conceptual art

Source: Giant Monsters Attack! via Kaiju Search-Robot Avery

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