Update: Cleavagefield Teaser Poster(s)

Cleavagefield promo 1

Cleavagefield Teaser

Click on the image to see the monsters bigger.


  • First image from horror-movies.ca
  • Second image: straight from Jim Wynorski (Thanks, Jim)
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4 Responses to Update: Cleavagefield Teaser Poster(s)

  1. Todd says:

    Looks like “June is busting our all over….”

  2. Todd says:

    “out all over” too:0)

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  4. Jim Wynorski says:

    Dear All,
    I thought since you ran a piece on CLEAVAGEFIELD, you might want to catch the new trailer.


    I hope you enjoy it.

    Best Regards,

    Jim Wynorski

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