mSCORPIO vs King Komodo

Kaiju artist Todd Tennant has sent us a preview of King Komodo’s next opponent.


Cool, eh?

For those who don’t know, Tales of King Komodo is a kaiju-based graphic novel serial by Todd Tennant and Mike Bogue. It appears in each issue of the giant monster magazine G-Fan. See information on the in-progress trailer here.

Todd tells me that mSCORPIO will be introduced in G-Fan #85, and we’ll see him in to-the-death combat with King Komodo in G-Fan #86. If you’re not already there, be sure to get into King Komodo immediately. G-Fan is available through newsagents and specialty stores in the US, but having a subscription is a much better bet, certainly for those elsewhere in the world.

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2 Responses to mSCORPIO vs King Komodo

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  2. Avery says:

    WOW!! As usual, Todd ‘brings it’ with some really awesome new artwork!! This story is gonna rock!! I can’t wait to see the trailer!!

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