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The Ghosts (Australia-2009 [in post-production]; dir. Mathew J. Wilkinson)


There are 36 claimed haunted locations in Australia.

They missed one.


A family vacation in the Australian outback turns horribly wrong when the family is taken hostage by a pair of sinister outlaws inside an abandoned hotel. The group stumble upon a harrowing discovery – the hotel is alive with the spirits of the damned searching for their own escape. Isolated and cut off from the world the innocent must now join forces with the criminals in order to survive the night. Filled with old-school special effects, The Ghosts crosses Schlock Horror with the American Western to create an all-new experience to the Australian horror film.

Going on the YouTube teaser trailer (below), the new Australian ghost flick The Ghosts looks suspiciously like it might be an exercise in endurance for those affected by cinematic kinetosis. In fact the trailer makes those high-profile “found-footage” jerky flicks Cloverfield and Diary of the Dead — not to mention The Blair Witch Project before them — seem almost static. Whatever the merits of the film itself — and it definitely looks promising — this doesn’t augur well for a non-nauseating film experience.

Hopefully this extreme jerkiness is confined to the teaser and the film itself will be more considerate of delicate stomachs.

The Poster [atmospheric mix]:

The Ghosts Poster 1

The Poster [in-your-face mix]:

The Ghosts Poster 2

Given my prediliction for the spooky, The Ghosts looks like it could be a goer. At any rate the Aussie outback setting and interestingly atypical haunted house show definite promise. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Speaking of the haunted house, it seems to be a real place, and, according to the director, genuinely haunted. At least, that’s the story…

Go to the film’s MySpace page for production pictures and a video of cast interviews.

  • Robwil Productions MySpace page
  • Thanks, Avery, for the heads-up.
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  1. Avery says:

    It sounds great!! That and this one’s from your neighborhood Rob.

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