Godzilla Never Dies

Stu Hiatt has sent Undead Backbrain this very early test reel for a Godzilla fan film he is working on. Stu is creating the monster business using stop-motion animation — a challenging approach but not one without precedent. I have already posted footage created by Toho for the film Gojira tai Biollante [aka Godzilla vs. Biollante] (1989; dir. Kazuki Omori), and stop-motion animation was used in a few very brief scenes in the original Gojira (1954).

Check back here for updates on Stu’s progress.

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  1. Todd Tennant says:

    I really enjoyed watching this, Stu! It reminds me of those animations placed at the end of GODZILLA vs. BIOLLANTE. Cool G-model! I especially like G’s profile, especially his head and neck area in profile; will it be ok for me to borrow that as reference for G’94:0)? I know you’ve put many, many hours into making this, and I appreciate that too. Looking forward to seeing more.


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