Big Bird?

There’s a giant monster bird movie out there that is more recent than the infamous The Giant Claw (US-1957; dir. Fred F. Sears).

It’s called Big Bird — but it’s not this one by artist Jonni Good (click here to view Flash movie… it’s very short).

Big Bird 2

Nor does it have anything to do with this guy:

Big Bird on Sesame Street

Big Bird posterKaiju Search-Robot Avery asked me if I’ve ever heard of the film that goes with the  poster on the right. Supposedly it’s a Thai film, and Avery says he first became aware of it via a 2005 issue of Fangoria, where it was mentioned — along with Deep Sea Monster Reigo and Mega-Snake — in an article on the American Film Market for that year. It is also mentioned by Foywonder (which is where the poster comes from).

But it still hasn’t … um… flown in.

Anyone heard of it? Details, please?

I guess it’s a spoof, if it even exists…

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5 Responses to Big Bird?

  1. Mysterious Pants says:

    It’s not the only “lost” giant bird movie- there’s this one too:

  2. wisekwai says:

    I heard about this about in 2005 too, but I never head anything more about it. Thailand’s CM Pictures was offering the title at the American Film Market that year.

    Perhaps it was made and went straight to video?

  3. houseinrlyeh says:

    The most important question to me is: Is it as big as a battleship?

  4. Avery says:

    Here’s the “Fangoria” article/scoop of ‘AFM’ to where I first heard of this film: and here’s the one to where they mention “Deep Sea Monster Reigo”:

  5. Flu-Bird says:

    Wow a realy big big birdie and beware of the bird poop

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