I keep seeing this title as “Killmelon” — a giant monster with a loathing for rockmelons, perhaps?

Killmeleon conceptual poster

“A giant 30-foot chameleon discovered by a rogue scientist in the jungles of Madagascar, escapes from a plane crash while being smuggled into the United States. Hungry, the giant creature goes on a rampage through the countryside, devouring everyone in its path and laying waste to small towns. The military, along with the scientist’s daughter, must destroy the giant lizard before it reaches Los Angeles. In pre-production.” (Foywonder)

Apparently the above poster isn’t the “real” one, just a doodle by the filmmakers. The tagline — and the fact that the monster is a chameleon — suggests that budgetary limitations might be dealt with, at least in the SFX area, through invisibility.

Man: I was attacked by a huge monster. It ate my car.

Policeman: What did it look like?

Man: Um, well, a bit like Claude Rains actually…

The technique was previously used on the cheapie El Sonido prehistório [aka The Sound of Horror] (Spain-1964; dir. José Antonio Nieves Conde):

When a group of isolated people in the Greek mountains set off a cave explosion, they are menaced by an invisible shrieking dinosaur that had been buried for eons. (IMDB)

The Sound of Horror pic

You won’t see it when it comes to a theatre near you!

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  1. Avery says:

    I’ve been pretty excited about this film since it was first announced waaay back when. I hope that it does get to see the light of day and that it hasn’t gone the way of the dinosaurs. The concept just sounded too damned great.

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