Big Brother and the Zombie Apocalypse

Just when you think nothing new can be done with the zombie apocalypse scenario, someone does the obvious and surprises you with the cleverness of it.

Dead Set (UK-2008; TV series; dir. Yann Demanage) lets the zombie apocalypse loose while a bunch of the usual mismatched folk are safely holed away in Big Brother house, and are thus oblivious to what’s going on outside in the real world — until, that is, someone gets evicted.

You can read the full synopsis on the show’s very classy website. It’s a five-episode British TV show that clearly opens by pretending to be an ordinary Big Brother series and descending into gut-munching chaos from there. Do I detect a metaphor?

Meanwhile, here’s the trailer:

The site also has a very cool feature that allows you to take part in some bloodily cute viral advertising. It’s under the “get infected” link.

  • Official Website
  • Thanks to Sean Williams for drawing this to my attention.
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