You Can Be In A Zombie Flick

In The Outbreak (US-2008; designed by Chris and Lynn Lund), you’re plunged straight into the middle of the iconic zombie apocalypse. They’re at the door and decisions have to be made. You make them, and then have to live (or die) by the consequences.

Outbreak poster

The Outbreak is an interactive online zombie film — well-filmed, dynamic and full of the z-tropes we’ve all come to love. At key points in the film it stops and asks you a question: do you stay in the beseiged room and wait for help, or do you get out to find help? If you give the wrong answer, you — or rather the characters in the film — will die. So let’s hope you know what you’re doing.

This is a very cool concept and it functions well — provided you have a computer with enough grunt, and a reasonably high-speed connection, to allow the visuals to run smoothly. It runs, with all options considered, for 17 minutes.

Chris and wife Lynn Lund, who run the Portland, Oregon web design-and-animation studio SilkTricky ( created the film and interactive website. Chris directed while Lynn produced.

It was filmed over 6 days in and around Portland, Oregon, using local actors and crew. Said Lynn, “We usually create websites and motion graphics for our clients, but wanted to show what we could do with interactive film.” (Bloody

Here is the trailer:

Go and experience the horror now.

  • Source: via Avery
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  1. chrisbarnes says:

    That’s pretty cool! It runs very smoothly too.

  2. pretty good production values on this too.

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