New: Bollywood Zombie

The upcoming horror comedy Bollywood Zombie (Canada-[?]; dir. Maninder Chana) has been getting a fair amount of scorn from those websites that have report on it.

But I reckon it’s about time we had singing zombies in saries! Bollywood is the biggest movie industry in the world, and though this flick isn’t genuine Bollywood, I’m sure those responsible (Toronto-based movie house Cinesavvy) will be intent on giving it the colourful and lively appearance of the archetypal Bollywood film that we in the West have flickering away in our backbrains — and that seems pretty cool to me.

Bollywood Zombie poster


What seems a match made in heaven goes terribly awry when a wicked Aunt tries to sabotage her niece’s wedding day. Adding a secret potion to the buffet, she inadvertently turns the bride and her guests into zombies. Now the bride’s sister, the groom, his best man and the shady Chef have to figure out a way to save the bride before she becomes a permanent member of the living dead.

So I say, bring on the singing, dancing undead! It’s bound to be more energetic than 50% of the zombie comedies out there.

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