Trailing Lake Monsters

Speaking of cryptozoology, here, just for the hell of it (and for Avery, who found some of them), is a collection of movie trailers featuring the ever popular — and often cute — lake monsters of legend:

Serpent Lake (US-[in production, 2009]; dir. Joel Trujillo)

The Water Horse (US-2007; dir. Jay Russell)

Beyond Loch Ness [aka Loch Ness Terror] (Canada-2007; dir. Paul Ziller)

Birth of a Legend: The Story of the Wawa (US-2007; dir. Steve Wiggins)

Mee-Shee: The Water Giant (Canada-2005; dir. John Henderson)

DreamKeeper (Canada/US-2003; TV; dir. Steve Barron)

Loch Ness (UK/US-1996; dir. John Henderson)

Magic in the Water (Canada/US-1995; dir. Rick Stevenson)

The Loch Ness Horror [aka Nessie] (US-1981; dir. Larry Buchanan)

The Crater Lake Monster (US-1977; dir. William R. Stromberg)

And this is the beginning of Das Wunder von Loch Ness [aka The Secret of Loch Ness] (Germany-2008; dir. Michael Rowitz):

You can go here to see the actual trailer. (Thanks, Avery!)

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4 Responses to Trailing Lake Monsters

  1. Avery says:

    THANKS for this article Rob!! I love all these films. They’re all a lot of fun. We can never get enough sea serpent and lake monster flicks!!

  2. Backbrain says:

    I know lake monsters are one of your big passions, Avery. At least the passion is being fed lately!

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