The Life of a Zombie

Ted Is Dead…  But That’s The Least Of His Problems

Here’s a very funny Aussie film that aims, with all due poignancy, to document what life is really like for a socially awkward zombie.

Undead Ted (Australia-2007; short [7 min.]; dir. Daniel Knight)


Edward Grey’s life has been on the downward spiral ever since the day of his death. Not only must he deal with rising damp, bone decay and rot – but also the fact that he is now jobless, penniless and without girlfriend. A documentary crew follows Ted around for a day providing intimate insight into the heart-wrenching world of the walking dead. Life can bring many challenges… but death can be a bastard. (Official website)

Thanks, Avery.

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2 Responses to The Life of a Zombie

  1. Avery says:

    Brilliant and hilarious!! Great stuff!!

  2. chuck mckenzie says:

    Beautiful piece of work! It’ slike ‘Kenny’, with dead people.

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