A Glint in the Eye of Poseidon

Harris Films — an independent production company run by cinematographer Nick Harris — has a giant monster film bubbling away deep in its backbrain. The monster goes by the name of “the Eye of Poseidon” (for reasons that are obvious from the sketches below), though the film in which it features is called A Mouthful of Misfortune. From the plot synopsis, it sounds as though the film is a sort of surreal drama/comedy and the monster’s role is a cameo.  Harris started work on the film in 2006, but it’s still in very early pre-production days.

Back in 2006, after completing a second draft of the script, Harris wrote:

Finally, I have been able to sit down and start chipping away at the humungous amount of pre production concept artwork that needs to be done, which is both exciting and horrifying. We’ve got set design, costuming, props, storyboarding, and concept design for the sea monster to contend with (… this film will involve a two-story tentacle and that is all I will say). So, one item can now be safely crossed off of the list. Below is a rough concept design for the sea monster, which I finished the other night. I hope you enjoy it… for me, it’s very exciting to even see one tiny piece of this insane story taking its first baby steps toward being realized on screen.

Eye of Poseidon sketch

A bit later Harris persuaded artist Aaron Bahlman to produce a colour version:

Eye of Poseidon colour

The idea of seeing this conceptual image turned into a live-action two-storey critter certainly interests me!


Jake returns from backpacking across eastern Asia stunned to find that his roommate Rusty has practically wolfed through his entire bag of souvenir, Chinese fortune cookies – in one sitting. The pile of tiny paper destinies on Rusty’s lap threaten the fabric of his and even possibly the world’s existence. Jake’s got problems of his own – his not so ex-girlfriend Stacy sees marriage in their future, and the cookies aren’t helping. Vague proverbs of after dinner fun turn into direct and unmistakable predictions thrusting Jake and Rusty on a journey of self-discovery, reaching from the sunny streets of San Diego, to the darkest depths of the ocean, to the snow-capped heights of a forgotten Shaolin temple.

Panicked and confused, they seek answers from Harvey. This wizened ex-Mormon sea captain with a mysterious past tells “tall” tales from the Indochina Sea, lives in an oceanic world of Greek mythos, and might just have the answers they’re looking for. Together, they must remain one step ahead of destiny, unlocking the secrets and origins of fortune cookies themselves.

How will Jake and Rusty safeguard the good fortunes, thwart the bad ones, and figure it all out? To what end does Fate move these unwitting pawns? The answers lie in the cookies themselves: Pandora’s box awaits. (Harris Films website)

Test Footage

During December of 2006 some initial scenes were filmed (as seen above), but the project seems to have gone into abeyance, making way for other projects and the accumulation of funds. Says Harris: “We have a film hitting the festival circuit called Donut Shop Hero, which … may get us the funding to do A Mouthful of Misfortune.”

So in a spirit of giant monster optimism, here is a synopsis and the trailer for Donut Shop Hero:


After spending a Saturday morning dealing with bored, unruly teenagers, Pete, a parking lot security guard, decides to take his lunch break and get some donuts.

Pete’s day takes a turn towards the better when a beautiful woman takes notice of him and strikes up a flirtatious conversation, under the assumption that all of his badges and well ironed uniform indicate he is a cop. Pete, with his tenuous grasp on this rare chance, doesn’t exactly say he IS a cop, but he doesn’t exactly admit he ISN’T either. Things seem to be going Pete’s way, when the doors to the donut shop kick open and the worst day of all time waltzes in, brandishing hellfire spittin’ guns and the attitude to match.

Terror will reign. Love will be tested. And one man will rise, a donut shop hero.

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