Big Insects Are Game For Action

The next video game to be turned into a (potential) franchise — in the manner of Resident Evil, the producers no doubt hope — is one called Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. The film is being co-produced by game owners Camcom and will be distributed by Warner Bros. The writer is David Hayter, who wrote the first two X-Men movies and the upcoming adaptation of Watchmen.

Set on a frozen planet, the game features snow, some sort of hi-tech base, giant insect-like beasts, plenty of guns, a huge worm, and assorted mecha … of the giant kind, one hopes. Variety comments: “Though the story was pretty cliched in the game, Lost Planet at least has one, as well as a cool visual setting…”

Below are some screenshots from the game, which may give you some idea of the insectoid monsters — though of course in line with Hollywood adaptation policies I’m sure everything is up for grabs.

Lost Planet game screenshot 1

Lost Planet game screenshot 2

Lost Planet game screenshot 3

Lost Planet game front page

Here’s the trailer for the game:

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