The Rock’s Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Day, which was celebrated on November 27 in the US, was also a special day for legendary Chicago no-budget filmmaker, David “The Rock” Nelson. It was, in fact, his 52nd birthday.

On that day, Nelson appeared on Chicago’s WGNTV — who seem to have adopted him — in order to present his latest turkey… um, film: The Turkey Monster:

Happy [belated] birthday, David, from the Undead Backbrain!

Nelson followed this up with a special all-in competition match against none other than legendary Deadite slayer, Bruce “Evil Dead” Campbell — an event honoured by “The Rock”‘s friends from Chicago All-Star Wrestling (who produced this poster).

\"The Rock\" vs Bruce Campbell

And a special “Hi!” from Kaiju Search-Robot Avery, who directed me to all this stuff!

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2 Responses to The Rock’s Thanksgiving Turkey

  1. Avery says:

    Ha! “The Turkey Monster” is hilarious!! Bruce is great, but he should have known better than to face off against “The Rock”. “ROCK” knows his horror history.

  2. Todd says:

    Hilarious! I’ve been reading about this guy for years;
    great to finally see him “in action”:0).


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