Update: Outlander

Another trailer for the vikings-vs-alien-monster movie, Outlander:

And, yes, they speak in English. Despite the whingers that have been appearing on my YouTube site scorning that fact, I’m rather grateful myself — as my grasp on Old Norse is a little tenuous. They could comfort themselves with the fact that Old Norse was one on the main influences on the development of Old English (which became modern English eventually) — except it’s irrelevant. Let’s say the dialogue has been conveniently translated for our benefit; as the characters all speak the same language, it might as well be Old Norse. Of course that the alien hunter also speaks Old Norse is more problematic — but maybe he’s like Doctor Who, who once remarked to Sarah-Jane Smith when she queried her ability to speak and understand Renaissance Italian: “It’s a Time-Lord thing” (or something like that).

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