Creeping to the Top

Creeping in Reptile Flesh cover

Much to my own self-satisfaction, the good folk over at Not If You Were the Last Short Story in the World have included my novella “Creeping in Reptile Flesh” (the lead story in the recent collection of the same name, see above) in their LSS International Year’s Best for 2008:

The Gambler… Paolo Bacigalupi (Fast Forward 2)
Overkill… Elizabeth Bear (Shadow Unit)
Refining Fire… Elizabeth Bear & Emma Bull (Shadow Unit)
Seven Ages of the Protagonist… Deborah Biancotti (Scary Food)
Virgin… Holly Black (Magic in the Mirrorstone)
Oh Russia… Simon Brown (2012)
Neverland Blues… Adam Browne (Dreaming Again)
Jimmy… Pat Cadigan (The Del Ray Book of SF/F)
Anda’s Game… Cory Doctorow (The Starry Rift)
Crystal Nights… Greg Egan (Interzone #215)
Angel Rising… Dirk Flinthart (Twelfth Planet Press)
This is Not My Story… Dirk Flinthart (ASIM #37)
The Hand of a Devil on a String… M.K. Hobson (Shimmer)
Creeping in Reptile Flesh… Robert Hood (Creeping in Reptile Flesh)
26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss… Kij Johnson (Asimovs)
Pride and Prometheus… John Kessell (F&SF)
The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates… Stephen King (F&SF)
The Kindness of Strangers… Nancy Kress (Fast Forward 2)
The Erdmann Nexus… Nancy Kress (Asimovs)
Machine Maid… Margo Lanagan (Extraordinary Engines)

For the full list, go to the LSS website.

The LSS readers are, of course, certifiably insane, aiming to read as many of the speculative fiction short stories published each year as possible — as well as everything published in Australia.

But they have impeccable taste, as you can see … at least this time ’round….

You can buy a copy of Creeping in Reptile Flesh here and here.

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2 Responses to Creeping to the Top

  1. Todd says:

    Congratulations, Rob!!!!


  2. Backbrain says:

    Thanks, Todd. It’s all just personal opinion, of course, but still… at least this is reasonably informed opinion, in terms of what they’ve read… It gives me a momentary glow. 🙂

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