Giant Monster Attack

The following are images from the site. If you’re not aware of it, it’s a site where, among other things, members engage in thematic Photoshopping contests — reworking digital sources according to set themes. Many of those fake pictures of remarkable things that get passed around the internet originated here.

These are from two galleries on the theme of Monster Attacks! Click on the image to see them full size.

Killer Bee

Frog Kong!

Frog Kong

Some traditional reptilian destruction!

Reptilian Destruction

Cat-tastrophe! Or, if you want to go the Goodies route… Kitten Kong!



Snail Rampage

A roach problem in the Underground…

Giant roach

Hamster Disaster! Or Why Too Much Cuteness Can Lead to Trouble!

Hamster Disaster

And finally, Godzilla painted by an Old Master:

Godzilla by Master

Fantastic work, isn’t it?

  • Source: Monster Attack! galleries
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5 Responses to Giant Monster Attack

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  2. Don says:

    The stay puff marshmallow man should be last on the list. Who’s really afraid of a marshmallow? One to replace it with would be the creature in the baby carriage in Basket Case. There’s also the (orignal) the Fly – up until the very end of its transformation in which its appearance leans less on the horrific and more on the absurd. Perhaps the greatest of all monsters both conceptually and visually is Stephen King’s It. Not when It is a spider but as a menacing clown. Granted it took a human form of some sort but the fact It is a spider qualifies as one. Conceptually, as we all know, It is symbolic as fear itself and although other movies have tried to manifest fear – none have done so well as the film It has since It trulys is it. Stay Puff, Seriously???

  3. Dave Hanshaw says:

    How could you leave out King Kong for puffman.

    • Robert Hood says:

      What’s with the irrelevant arguments about which monsters should be on “the list” here? This is an article showing pictures of giant things created by members of the Worth2000 community. Are you actually commenting on the pictures or is this random spam?

  4. Henry Kantor says:

    Size is relative. The sheer fear created by the aliens in “The Crawling Eye” (1958) is very impressive. Back to giant … I nominate the Giant Behemoth from the 1959 movie of the same name, even though the names are a bit redundant.

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