[Man-]Beastly Remake

“30 Corpses… 1 Man Beast… 0 Plot.”

So what’s the least likely film to get a remake?

No doubt a plethora of z-grade and just-plain-awful mainstream flicks spring to mind — and really, the one I’m about to tell you about probably isn’t all that high on your list of Please Don’ts. Not only is it fairly obscure (not to mention cheap and nasty), but concept-wise it has plenty of potential to be developed into something better than it was.

The flick in question is the 1961 atomic mutation, anti-commie “classic” The Beast of Yucca Flats, directed with minimal budget and even less technical acumen by Coleman Francis.


The plot concerned a defecting Russian scientist who is transformed by an atomic test into a “hulking monster”, played by Tor Johnson utilising the skills taught to him by bad-film auteur Ed Wood.

Independent B-film enthusiast, producer, writer and man-beast David C. Hayes is in post-production of a remake/sequel to this film, now called Return to Yucca Flats: Desert Man-Beast (US-[post-production]; dir. Leon Cowan).

Return to Yucca Flats: Desert Man Beast poster

As you can see from the poster and the pics below, this one features a man-beast, sure, but more significantly chicks in bikinis. I wonder why these semi-naked women are hanging around in an irradiated desert? Perhaps the Man-Beast is on holidays at the beach… All will be revealed!




Co-writer Hayes also plays the titular Man-Beast. Good food and lots of women. He’s a lucky man!

More pictures here:

  • Source: David C. Hayes via Kaiju Search-Robot Avery; IMDb
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  1. Avery says:

    Too fun!! Definitely on my must see list of 09′!!

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