Snake Curse

Snake Curse [aka She Zhou] (HK-2004; dir. Cheung Kwok-Kuen)

Among Asian filmmakers, the Japanese do Weird S**t well and the result is often rather extreme. Moreover, their version of Weird tends toward the seriously disturbing. For outright cheesy-fun Weirdness, though, it’s hard to go past Hong Kong cinema.

So here’s a HK film about giant flying snakes, magic, errant science, kung fu, half-human / half serpent femme fatales… and who knows what else?



2010. In order to save a drug company in financial freefall, a scientist undertakes illegal experiments intended to find a vaccine against leukaemia. What he does, in a burst of B-flick maniacal scientific logic, is gene-splice a python with a human being. Why not? It might work … Naturally, the results are not what he hoped for, and the downtown area of Hong Kong soon becomes the favourite hunting ground of gigantic and terribly dangerous creatures.

Director Cheung Kwok-Kuen has previously perpetrated the ghost flicks Ghost Meets You and Ghost Promise and, though the film sports a production date of 2004, it is only now about to be released to a theatrical run in its home town.


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  1. Juan says:

    Hi- do you know if this movie’s on DVD? Can’t really find much info on the net

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