Private Members Only

What amazes me most is not that someone actually comes up with these concepts, but that when the hangover passes, they decide to go ahead and make the film anyway!

On that note, I apologise for exposing your poor battered minds to the following film, but what can I do? It’s too weird to pass up.

El Ataque del Pene Mutante del Espacio [aka Attack of the Mutant Dick from Outer Space] (Spain-2007; dir. Dani Moreno)


Synopsis (as translated by Kaiju Search-Robot Avery, who is fitted with translation software):

Basically it’s a 50s sci-fi parody about a mission to space to discover a cure for the lobo children of Mexico, but during the mission the spaceship is bombarded with cosmic rays. While masturbating to some incredible photographs [art photos *wink wink nudge nudge*] the scientist is turned into a giant mutant penile monster that spews sulfuric acid sperm from his dick head! [No, really! That’s what it says!] The spaceship then returns to Earth and the man-monster-penis starts attacking people and must be hunted down.






Anyway, to make matters worse, the film is apparently in 3-D Penevision and when the… umm…. Thing explodes it all gets a bit personal!

Stick your 3-D glasses on for this pic.


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5 Responses to Private Members Only

  1. Nyssa says:

    That looks so incredibly terrible I must find it and have a movie night!

  2. Backbrain says:

    Let me know if you find it.

  3. chuck mckenzie says:


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  5. woodroad34 says:

    See a 24 min clip on youtube:

    It’s hysterical; as if Ed Wood had done a Mexican 3D Scifi movie.

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