Weekend Fright Flick: I’m Not Dead Yet

This weekend’s short horror flick is an exploration of the effect of becoming a zombie on a relationship.

I’m Not Dead Yet (US-2008; short [10:20]; dir. Steve Bergwerff)


As such, it’s in the same subgenre as the excellent feature film, Zombie Honeymoon (US-2005; dir. Dave Gebroe), though the metaphor is worked quite differently. Watch it. It’s an effective and quite moving piece.


Jesse and Greg are experiencing some strange events in their city home. After being scared so traumatically, Jesse suffers a miscarriage, which sends the two urbanites fleeing to Greg’s parent’s cottage. While Jesse tries to relax and heal from the stress to her mind and body, Greg goes out to find some food. He returns with food he had bought locally from some of the townsfolk, but after eating the food, Greg becomes violently ill. Upon discovering Greg’s incredible deterioration in health, Jesse tries to stay strong and help her husband. Greg, now in a zombie state, reacts violently towards her; but he is severely conflicted, mentally aware of what he is doing but unable to control his actions.

The Film:

Source: Ironcloud Productions Facebook page

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