The Week (or Two) on Undead Brainspasm

Update: $quid (28 March 2009)

  • A “Romster Comedy” about a giant squid that attacks a cruise boat on the Brisbane River

New: ZMD (28 March 2009)

  • One of two in-production zombie films with the title “Zombies of Mass Destruction”, a political zombie comedy

New: DragonQuest (27 March 2009)

  • A decent-looking dragon fantasy from The Asylum

New: The Dead (26 March 2009)

  • A road trip across Africa amidst the zombie apocalypse

New Release: Platoon of the Dead (18 March 2009)

  • Nazi zombie film newly released to DVD

New: Thoraxx II: The Breeding (15 March 2009)

A comedy about giant bugs: “the World’s First Giant Bug Hillbilly Musical”

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