King Komodo Trashes the Backbrain!


Starting today, in an all-colour first, writer Mike Bogue and artist Todd Tennant’s original graphic novel serial Tales of King Komodo will be appearing here on Undead Backbrain.

Beautifully drawn, the daikaiju epic was originally published in the pages of G-Fan issues 83 to 87, but it is seen here for the first time in colour. It is made up of five episodes and the Backbrain will be putting one episode up each week — though I will hold off on the final episode for a while as it has only just appeared in the pages of G-Fan. You will have to grab a copy of that excellent magazine to learn about KK’s ultimate fate, at least for the time being.

Episode One (the first of five episodes) is now available here. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Todd and Mike for their generosity in allowing us to bring your this special treat!

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  1. Avery says:

    Thanks Todd, Mike and Rob! What a treat! Awesome!

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