New: Bong of the Dead


Smoking cannabis can invoke paranoid delusions. We all know that. I remember the effect lengthy sessions of weed indulgence had on the minds of friends during the halycon days of the 1970s. But now — a film that supplies its own paranoid drug hit!

Bong of the Dead (US-2009; dir. Thomas Newman)


Tommy and Edwin are a couple of potheads who happen to survive a mass zombie outbreak. Since they are alone in the world, they spend most of their time partying and smoking weed. One day they discover that by using zombie brains as fertilizer, they are able to grow some super potent pot! Problem is, since the government has cleared out all the zombies in their city they have to go on a road trip in order to find more zombies. It is an action adventure road trip movie from hell with plenty of pot smoking and many laughs! There will be bud!


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