New Full-On Aussie Horror

Primal (Australia-2009; dir. Josh Reed) is a new horror film that gets down-and-dirty with what appears to be a supernatural viral infection/demonic possession scenario. Some will call it “zombie”, but going on the teeth, I’ll stick with “possession” for the time being.



12,000 years ago: the surviving members of a decimated aboriginal tribe perform a sacred ritual to bind an ancient evil that has infiltrated their tribal land. As the carnage ensues, an artist paints the story of their demise on a nearby rock face, warning of the dangers interred within…

The Present: Anja, a young university student, and four friends accompany Dace, an anthropology major, on a journey in search of the now legendary rock painting. The only evidence of its existence is the diary of a pioneer who saw the painting over one hundred years ago, before going mad and murdering his family.

Their excitement on finding the painting is soon undercut by disquiet as one of them, Mel, becomes delirious after skinny-dipping in the nearby billabong. Her condition rapidly worsens, and she regresses to a predatory, primal state and viciously attacks her friends.

The group is strained to breaking point as their trip fast becomes a desperate fight for survival. When Anja discovers that a nearby tunnel may harbour their only hope for escape she inadvertently draws closer to a final confrontation with the evil deep within the mountain.

The full trailer is set to premiere at Cannes in May, but here’s a teaser to be going on with:

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