The Last Week (or Two) on Undead Brainspasm

Update: New Transformers 2 Trailer (3 May 2009)

  • Big action, big robots!

Kirk vs the Snow Monster (2 May 2009)

  • Clip of James T. Kirk’s fight with a giant beast in new Star Trek prequel

New Trailer: Pig Hunt (27 April 2009)

  • Rednecks and giant pig – a new trailer

Update: The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy (25 April 2009)

  • New image from this intriguing short film

The Terminators Trailer is Released! (25 April 2009)

  • New Terminator shadow-film from The Asylum

Institute of Séance DVD artwork (25 April 2009)

  • Great artwork for the DVD release of this short retro ghost flick

Ghoul Girl Pics (25 April 2009)

  • Images from the Nichols Family film

More Bikini-Wearing Samurai Chicks Killing Zombies… (25 April 2009)

  • Sequel to Onechanbara: The Movie — called Onechanbara: Vortex

Transmorphers: Fall of Man (24 April 2009)

  • The Astylum’s answer to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen — big robots, different plot

New Trailer for George’s Intervention (22 April 2009)

  • Great new trailer for this zomcom

Another Giant Snake: The Scout (19 April 2009)

  • New giant snake movie from Thai director Pleo Sirisuwan

New: Megaconda (19 April 2009)

  • New giant snake movie from Chris Ray, director of Reptisaurus
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