Weekend Report: Sunflowers vs Zombies

I’ve been a bit too busy to get my act together this week, so despite some great articles in the pipeline and some interesting news snippets, Undead Backbrain has been a little quiet. For those who might have been waiting, I haven’t organised a Weekend Fright Flick this week. Instead here’s a very weird music video — publicity, it seems, for a new game. Enjoy.

Thanks to the ineffable Chuck McKenzie for sending it my way.

For those awaiting the fifth and final instalment of Mike Bogue and Todd Tennant’s Tales of King Komodo, I will be posting that sometime in the not-too-distant future. If you can’t wait, go fetch the most recent issue of G-Fan.

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1 Response to Weekend Report: Sunflowers vs Zombies

  1. Nyssa says:

    Ahh! I saw this yesterday! Isn’t the sunflower so cuuuute? Not quite as cute as the fluffy unicorns singing about killing hobos with a crowbar (it was so cute, it was banned ><).

    And the dolphin zombie was awesome ^_^

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