Weekend Zombie Flick: Bitten

Bitten (UK-2009; short [15 min.]; dir. Mark Fieldhouse and Andrew Cairns) offers viewers the last moments of a man bitten by a zombie. It’s not action, or even horror as such, and is basically one character in a room — but it is effectively done, with a sort of slow, inexorable poignancy. Filmmakers Mark Fieldhouse and Andrew Cairns are collectively known as Echelon Form. From the minimal content on their website, I’m guessing they’re new to the game.

Bitten (short zombie film) from Echelon Form on Vimeo.

And while we’re at it, the following isn’t so much a completed film as a ghostly moment — though in its 1:30 min running time it packs in more narrative content by way of suggestion than many full-length films. Very well done, I thought. It’s called Project “Ghost” by JONGJUNAN.


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  1. Robin says:

    That second film, “Ghost Project”, does have something about it, doesn’t it? I liked it.

  2. Backbrain says:

    Definitely it has a certain je ne sais quoi. Nice cinematography and the appearance of the ghost with the hatchet beats the hell out of a similar manifestation I watched on film last night — in “The Tooth Fairy”, directed by Chuck Bowman — in terms of creepiness.

  3. so i decide to google the film what we made and, like, holy shit, youve found it.

    Nice one!

    Aye were quite new, and made Bitten on £8. Given we only had 2 people and one of us had to hold the camera, and we wanted to make something with zombies with we came up with the above film.

    We’re currently working on our following which has tripled the budget and we havent even started filming.

    Again, thanks, and wow, the miricles of google…



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