Kaiju Tourism

Rumour has it there has always been a certain competitive quality of the “casting” of cities in Godzilla movies, with local tourism councils keen to have their city trashed by the King of the Monsters, all in the cause of highlighting its charms as the monsters annihilate them. With the Big G currently in retirement, the City of Hakodate in Japan has decided to create their own kaiju advertising collateral in a series of tourism videos based on the premise that people will definitely want to come to places where they might witness an apocalyptic battle between gargantuan opponents. At the very least the videos can show people what local landmarks are likely to appeal to city-trashing monsters.

In the video below, we are told that, Hakodate is the number one city they would most like to invade. So you never know your luck (survey data based on 100 alien respondents).

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