The Last Week (or Two) on Undead Brainspasm


O.C. Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown (24 May 2009)

  • Orange Country zombies attack Orange Country zombies! (That’s what it says…)

Update: Mortis Rex (20 May 2009)

  • More images from the Ancient Romans vs Giant Demonic monster flick

Update: Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg (17 May 2009)

  • Official poster for Jeffrey Lau’s upcoming giant robot/kungfu flick

Guilala US DVD cover (14 May 2009)

  • Cover art of the US DVD release of Monster X Strikes Back!

The Ghoul Girl arrives! (14 May 2009)

  • First shots of the giant “Ghoul Girl” in action!

Update: Giant Ants Eat Bakersfield (12 May 2009)

  • See! The giant ants attacking country music!

Transmorphing Cellphone (10 May 2009)

  • An SFX moment from the Asylum’s Transmorpher sequel

New: It Ate His Face (9 May 2009)

  • Primeval parasites, blood and gore and other exploitation wonders

Update: Land That Time Forgot (6 May 2009)

  • The Asylum’s remake of the old Edgar Rice Burroughs dino-epic…

Dinocorman vs Supercorman (5 May 2009)

  • Roger Corman brings together two related beasties
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