The Backbrain wins a Ditmar Award

For those that don’t know, the Ditmar Awards are the Australian equivalent of the US Hugo Awards — awards voted for by members of the previous and current (Australian) National SF Convention from a shortlist of nominations received via the whole speculative fiction community/audience. Ditmars are awarded to works and projects considered by voters to be the best in various fields of speculative fiction, some “professional” (paid) and some “fan” (unpaid). This year I did rather well in the preliminary vote, getting a tick in five categories and in one by association. This is particularly gratifying as (in the words of losers everywhere) it is nearly as great an honour to be shortlisted as it is to win … perhaps more so:

  • Best Novella or Novelette: “Creeping in Reptile Flesh”, Robert Hood (Creeping in Reptile Flesh, Altair Australia Books)
  • Best Short Story: “Moments of Dying”, Robert Hood (Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine #1)
  • Best Collected Work: Creeping In Reptile Flesh, Robert Hood (Altair Australia Books)
  • Best Art Work: Creeping In Reptile Flesh cover, Cat Sparks
  • Best Fan Writer: Robert Hood for Undead Backbrain
  • William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review: “George A. Romero: Master of the Living Dead” by Robert Hood (in Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine #2)

The winners were announced in Adelaide over the long weekend, and in the event I took the Award for Best Fan Writer: Robert Hood for Undead Backbrain. I feel extremely honoured that the community values this blog enough to grant me the award and would like to thank everyone who voted (and those who meant to and forgot).

A special thanks goes to my comrade-in-crime Avery Battles (aka Kaiju Search-Robot Avery). I may do all the writing (or most of it), but I could not make the blog and its subsite Undead Brainspasm anywhere near as informed without his uncanny ability to ferret out obscure snippets of information, to acquire early scoops and to establish informative contacts. Seriously, Avery inundates me with information — more than I can possibly process, particularly when life gets a little thwart and deadlines loom. So, Avery, though my name might be on the Award for doing the actual writing, some part of it belongs to you. Thanks once again!

Congratulations, too, to all the other nominees and winners. It was a strong year and, unusually, I thoroughly agree that the final result is a worthy one.

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7 Responses to The Backbrain wins a Ditmar Award

  1. Jeff Ritchie says:

    Congratulations Rob on a well deserved award 🙂 Pretty sure the Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus coverage clinched the title for you.

  2. Backbrain says:

    Well, I think the big Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus review might have arrived after the nomination/voting process … but I take your point. People loved that trailer and the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge incident! 🙂

    Thanks, Jeff.

  3. Avery says:

    Congratulations Rob!! It was well deserved. I’m happy to see that your fantastic writing skills are noticed and rewarded. I personally think that you should win them all but I guess everyone’s not gonna feel the same as me all the time and it’s only fair to share with the other greats huh? You rule Rob!!

  4. Backbrain says:

    Thanks, Avery. You deserve kudos yourself, for your incredible bloodhound skills.

  5. Congrats on the win, Rob! A champion effort for a champion blog!

  6. Robin Pen says:

    Congrats Rob. It certainly was deserved.

  7. Backbrain says:

    Thanks, Jason and Robin. I’m glad people enjoy the thing. It certainly distracts me from writing stories way too much!!

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