Weekend Fright Flicks: Gadzooky and Dracenstein

I was distracted and busy last weekend and completely neglected to put up a Weekend Fright Flick program. Never mind. As some sort of recompense, here is a double feature — both minimalist animation.

First up, a giant monster epic: Gadzooky (US; dir. Mike Van Cleave)


The KING of the giant super-atomic fire breathing prehistoric monsters is loose in our world! (Before you start anything, we know the name was used. This is better. Scroom!) Action! Thrills! Destruction! Mad monsters!

Next, Tasmanian mad-scientist horror!

Dracenstein (Aust; dir. Tom Priestley and Bill Flowers)


A mad scientist’s life turns pear-shaped after accidentally installing a vampire brain in his monster creation.

You can read Jeff Ritchie’s review on the ScaryMinds website if you’d like a bit more background on the film.

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